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2020-01-22 Twitter rewrites your URLs, but assumes you’ll never rewrite theirs: more problems replaying archived Twitter

Figure 1: The tweet replayed in Internet Archives’s Wayback Machine has the URI-M (“/web/20210106213519/”) displayed in the memento . URLs shared on Twitter are automatically shortened to links . Twitter does this to track its engagements and also protect its users from sites with malicious content. Twitter replaces these URLs with HTML that suggests the original URL so that the end-user does not see the URLs while browsing. When these URLs are replayed through web archives, they are rewritten to an archived URL (URI-M) and should be rendered in the web archives as in the live web, without displaying these URI-Ms to the end-user. However, as shown in Figure 1, the tweet replayed in Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has the URI-Ms (or at least the relative URL, “/web/20210106213519/”) displayed in the tweet itself.  We first noticed the URL displayed in the memento while exploring the archived Twitte

2020-01-20: 366 dots in 2020 - top news stories of 2020

Fig. 1 (Click image to expand) 366 dots in 2020 - Top news stories for 366 days in 2020. Each dot represents the average degree of the Giant Connected Component (GCC) with the largest average degree across all the 144 story graphs for a given day. The x-axis represents time, the y-axis represents the average degree of the GCC. The annotations (and legend) represented by colored dots were assigned semi-automatically . I join the chorus to say 2020 was a year like no other, and shaped by three historic events: the Coronavirus pandemic , the protests surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, and the US Presidential elections . According to StoryGraph , in 2018, the top news story was the Kavanaugh hearings . In 2019, it was the Mueller Report . Similar to 2018 and 2019 , we analyzed all news stories collected by StoryGraph at 10-minute intervals every day in 2020, to identify the top news stories of 2020. Recall how we identify top news stories , explained briefly in 365 dots in 201