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2023-01-26: Review of WS-DL's 2022

Covid isn't over, but in 2022 things with the Web Science and Digital Libraries Group (WS-DL) have been slowly returning to normal.  We graduated one PhD student, one MS student, and added six graduate students and two undergraduates to the group. Students and Faculty We had one PhD defense this year, and unfortunately it was over Zoom.  Hopefully we can get back to in-person defenses and the after-defense celebration in 2023.   Corren McCoy defended her dissertation on 2022-11-16 .  Corren was already a Vice President with G2Ops , and will continue with them after her graduation .   MD Sami Uddin defended his thesis on 2022-03-22 and took a position with VMRC  after graduating.  Congratulations and Happy Commencement Day to Dr. @CorrenMcCoy , my 10th PhD graduate! @ODU @ODUSCI @oducs @WebSciDL — Michele Weigle (@weiglemc) December 17, 2022 We did not add additional faculty to @WebSciDL this year, still remaining at  six faculty members . 

2023-01-25: International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL) 2022 Trip Report

The International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL), like JCDL ( JCDL 2022 Trip Report ) and TPDL ( TPDL 2022 Trip Report ), connects digital libraries, computer science, and library and information science communities. This year, the 24th ICADL was held from November 30th to December 2nd, 2022, in Hanoi, Vietnam, as an onsite in-person conference. The presenters who could not attend could present their papers online and join sessions. Our Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group ( @WebSciDL ) from Old Dominion University had three presentations at ICADL from current and former group members. We presented our research online through Zoom since we could not attend in person. I could only cover two sessions as I was unwell, and the conference was held at Hanoi time (UTC+7) which is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Time (UTC-5). In this blog, I’ll summarize Session B-1 (Data Archive & Management 2), which comprises the three presentations from the WSDL group, an