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2011-07-28: Web Video Discussing Preservation Disappears After 24 Hours

One week ago (July 21, 2011) I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak about Web Archiving on Canada AM , sort of like the Today Show or Good Morning America in the US. I was asked to appear on the program in part because of the July 17, 2011 article in the Washington Post, which followed a July 6, 2011 blog post for the Chronicle of Higher Education, which was based on a June 23, 2011 blog post about our JCDL 2011 paper " How Much of the Web is Archived? ". In other words, the process went like this: step 1 - get lucky & step 2 - let preferential attachment do its thing. I was able to do the appearance in Washington DC, while attending the NDSA/NDIIPP 2011 Partner Meetup . The morning of July 21, I took a taxi to an ABC studio in DC, did the interview (about 4 minutes) and took a taxi back to the conference in time to make the morning session. I had not been on TV before and was both nervous and excited. The local and Canadian crew made the entire exp

2011-07-25: NDSA/NDIIPP Partner Meetup 2011 Trip Report

The NDSA/NDIIPP ( @ndiipp ) Partner Meetup took place July 19-21 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Technical and non-technical joined together to form an aggregated consortium of archivists, librarians, digital media specialists and concerned parties. Three representatives from the ODU Web Sciences and Digital Libraries group attended to make archivists aware of tools they had developed to accomplish the common goal of web archiving. WS-DL’s Comtributions to the NDSA/NDIPP Meetup Mat Kelly presented the Mozilla Firefox add-on Archive Facebook to a breakout group of presentations specifically targeting web archiving. The redesigned and re-architected add-on allows a user to archive the content of his/her Facebook account with the result being truly WYSIWYG versus Facebook’s native offerings of a content dump.   NDIIPP/NDSA 2011 - Archive Facebook from Mat Kelly Vivens Ndatinya showed the workings of a tool he is currently buildin

2011-07-21: Towards a Machine-Actionable Scholarly Communication System

I've told all the members of my research group they should watch this, so I thought I might as well make the same recommendation to the rest of the world... Herbert Van de Sompel presented "Towards a Machine-Actionable Scholarly Communication System" at LIBER 2011 in Barcelona, Spain on June 30, 2011. You really have to simultaneously watch the video and review the slides to get the full impact of the presentation. The first part is a succinct review of various projects, but starting at slide 16 ("nanopublications") things really get interesting. Well worth the 40 minute investment. Towards a Machine-Actionable Scholarly Communication System View more presentations from Herbert Van de Sompel --Michael

2011-07-05: JCDL 2011 Trip Report

JCDL 2011 ( #jcdl2011 ) was held June 13–16 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The weather was beautiful and the conference sessions wonderful. The ODU Web Sciences and Digital Libraries team was fortunate enough to have six of its members attend, present three short papers, and demonstrate the Synchronicity Firefox extension. Our Contributions to JCDL 2011 Ahmed Alsum presented How Much of the Web is Archived? This paper approximates the amount of the Web that is archived using four URI sources. From this data, we observe significant variation in archival rate in URIs from different sources. So, how much of the web is archived? It depends on which web you mean. ( pdf , slides ). How Much of the Web is Archived? JCDL 2011 from Ahmed AlSum Martin Klein presented Rediscovering Missing Web Pages Using Link Neighborhood Lexical Signatures , which details a method for discovering missing web pages (the dreaded 404 ). Martin also demonstrated Synchronicity , a Firefox