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2022-01-27: MAN, A New Tool For Normalizing Transliterations of Arabic Named Entities in Cross-Language Information Retrieval

  Natural Language Processing (NLP): The recent advancement in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has allowed machines to process massive amounts of data found on the internet and elsewhere. The data revolution isn’t only about numbers because, in addition to numbers, data include words, images, videos, etc. Therefore, researchers are working on teaching machines how to process natural languages to interact with humans, summarize data, extract information, etc. The fact that machines now have to interpret human languages opens the door for new opportunities for NLP software that facilitate interactions between humans and computers. Named Entity Recognition and Classification (NERC) is one of the most important techniques in NLP . Names of persons, locations, and organizations extracted from a document enable computers to understand the content of the document. Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR): The importance of Cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) comes from the e