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2010-04-22: Papers landed at Hypertext and JCDL 2010

Not without pride I see two of my papers being accepted at the upcoming conferences ACM Hypertext (HT) and ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) . The paper " Evaluating Methods to Rediscover Missing Web Pages from the Web Infrastructure " will be published at JCDL. It is co-authored with my advisor Dr. Michael L. Nelson . As part of my ongoing dissertation work we are investigating methods to rediscover missing web pages with the help of the web infratructure (search engines, their caches, the Internet Archive, etc) in real time meaning while the user is browsing the web. This paper evaluates the performance of four of these methods: the title of the web page, its lexical signature (LS) representing the most salient terms of its content, its tags obtained from and its neighborhood lexical signature (NHLS), a LS based on content of pages that link to the centroid page. We generate a corpus of web pages by randomly sampling from the Open Directo

2010-04-20: The Web's Missing Dimension: Time

Herbert just completed an interview about Memento entitled " The Web's Missing Dimension: Time " with Jon Udell for the podcast series " Interviews With Innovators ". It is pretty long at ~44 minutes, but the discussion is thoughtful and gets at some higher-level topics about time and the Web -- topics not generally covered in prior presentations that often focus on mechanics and detailed explanation. Well worth the listen even if you know a good deal about Memento. -- Michael