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2015-04-20: Virginia Space Grant Consortium Student Research Conference Report

Mat Kelly and various other graduate students in the state of Virginia present their graduate research at the Virginia Space Grant Consortium.                            On Friday, April 17, 2015 I attended the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) Student Research Conference at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in Hampton, Virginia. This conference is slightly beyond the scope of what we at ODU WS-DL ( @webscidl ) usually investigate, as the research requirement was that it was relevant to NASA's objectives as a space agency. My previous work with LaRC's satellite imagery allowed me to approach the imagery files with the perspective a computational scientist. More on my presentation, "Facilitation of the A Posteriori Replication of Web Published Satellite Imagery" below . The conference started off with registration and a provided continental breakfast. Mary Sandy, the VSGC Director and Chris Carter, the VSGC Deputy Director began by describing

2015-04-05: From Student To Researcher...

In 2010, I decided to again study at the Old Dominion University Computer Science Department for better employment opportunities. After taking some classes, I realized that I did not merely want to take classes and earn a Master's Degree, but also wanted to contribute knowledge, like those who wrote the many research papers I had read during my courses. My Master's Thesis is titled "Avoiding Spoilers On MediaWiki Fan Sites Using Memento".   I came to the topic via a strange route. During Dr. Nelson's  Introduction to Digital Libraries course, we built a digital library based on a single fictional universe.  I chose the television show  Lost , and specifically archived Lostpedia , a site that my wife and I used while watching and discussing the show.  We realized that fans were updating Lostpedia while episodes aired.  This highlighted the idea that wiki revisions created prior to the episode obviously did not contain information about that episode, and emp