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2016-04-27: Mementos in the Raw

While analyzing mementos in a recent experiment, we discovered problems processing archived content .  Many web archives augment the mementos they serve with additional archive-specific information, including HTML, text, and JavaScript.  We were attempting to compare content across many web archives, and had to develop custom solutions to remove these augmentations. Most augment their mementos in order to provide additional user experience features, such as navigation to additional mementos, by rewriting links and providing additional discovery tools. From an end-user perspective, these  augmented  mementos enhance the usability and overall experience of web archives and are the default case for user access to mementos.  An example from the PRONI web archive is shown below, with the augmentations outlined in red. Others have  requirements to differentiate archived content from live content , because they expose archived content to web search engines. Below, we see that a Goog

2016-04-24: WWW 2016 Trip Report

I was fortunate to present a poster at the 25th International World Wide Web Conference , held from April 11, 2016 - April 15, 2016. Though my primary mission was to represent both the WS-DL and the LANL Prototyping Group , I gained a better appreciation for the state of the art of the World Wide Web.  The conference was held in Montréal, Canada at the Palais des congrés de Montéal . SAVE-SD 2016 I began the conference at the  SAVE-SD  workshop, focusing on the semantics, analytics, and visualization of scholarly data.  They had 6 full research papers, 2 position papers, and 2 poster papers.  The acceptance rate for this conference is relatively high.  The conference was kicked off by Alejandra Gonzales-Beltran and Francesco Osborne. They encouraged the use of Research Articles in Simplified HTML . Alex Wade gave us an introduction to the Microsoft Academic Service (MAS) and a sneak peek at the new features offered by Microsoft Academic , such as the Microsoft Academ

2016-04-19: IIPC General Assembly 2016 Trip Report

9°C & wind 0 m/s! Our host @Landsbokasafn & @kristsi seem to have booked an early spring for #iipcga16 . Thank you! — IIPC (@NetPreserve) April 12, 2016 Our host @kristsi opening #iipcGA16 — IIPC (@NetPreserve) April 11, 2016 The 2016 IIPC General Assembly and the separate-but-related IIPC Web Archiving Conference 2016 were held in Reykjavík, Iceland, April 11-15, with the former being open to IIPC members only and the latter open to the public.  Unfortunately, my trip report will be incomplete since I had to leave midday on Wednesday.  The first day was primarily given to IIPC business: introducing the new officers, covering project status, budgets, new bylaws , etc.   Jason gave a brief overview of our IIPC-funded Web Archive Profiling Via Sampling Project , which is now coming to a close.  In addition to the resources and deliverables linked from the IIPC project page, Sawood Alam has developed the Me