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2021-06-30: Lamia Salsabil (Computer Science PhD Student)

                                                                                                             My name is Lamia Salsabil. I am an international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I joined the  WS-DL   ( Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group) at Old Dominion University as a PhD student in the Spring of 2021 under the direct supervision of  Dr. Jian Wu . My current research project involves feature extraction. My research interest includes Natural Language Processing, Applied Machine Learning and Big Data.  From an early age, I’ve always been deeply interested in science and technology. The decision to study my undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering stemmed from an interest and aptitude in this area. In February 2018, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) . I used to solve coding challenges in various platforms for competitive programming, like - HackerRank , Codefor

2021-06-30: My Journey to ODU WS-DL Group

My name is Kehinde (Kenny) Ajayi. I had my undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the  University of Lagos  in Nigeria. After my bachelors, I developed an interest in the applications of the mathematical concepts learnt, which propelled me to further my studies in Statistics at the  Montana State University  where I focused on the application of machine learning to textual data. After completing my Masters program, I did a research fellowship with the Applied Machine Learning group at  LANL  where I worked on combining machine learning techniques with human-derived knowledge to extract information from text data. Specifically, we integrated Coronavirus Infectious Disease Ontology ( CIDO ) into topic models built with Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Algorithm to extract information from Covid-19 Open Research Data ( CORD-19 ). I am currently doing my Ph.D at the Computer Science department at  Old Dominion University . I started working with  Dr. Wu  in the Spring 2021. Prior to joi

2021-06-22: ACM SIGSIM PADS Trip Report

The 2021 ACM SIGSIM Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulations (PADS) was held at Old Dominion University Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (VMASC) on May 31-June 2, 2021, as a virtual conference. The PADS conference series started in 1986, as Parallel and Distributed Simulation methods and applications became SIGSIM PADS, the flagship conference of ACM SIGSIM . 2021 ACM SIGSIM PADS is the 9th SIGSIM PADS and the 35th conference overall. The conference series captures the new advancements in modeling and simulations, and it was the first time I attended a conference in the simulation. The conference consists of 5 sessions for presenting accepted papers, two keynote sessions, two editorial sessions, and a Ph.D. colloquium. Day 1 (May 31) Day 1 started with the session from general chair Dr. Saikou Diallo , general co-chair Dr. Andreas Tolk , and Program chair Dr. Philippe Giabbanelli where they reviewed the history of the conference series and frontiers for t

2021-06-18: Review reviewers: Thoughts Inspired by a Bad Review

I came across this review of one of my papers. My postdoctoral advisor always told us to treat reviews not personally but seriously. I do not want to disclose the venue and I do not know who reviewed my paper, but I would like to post the review as an example of a bad review. 

2021-06-04: ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA) 2021 Trip Report

The 13th ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA2021) was hosted virtually (due to the COVID-19 pandemic ) jointly by the University of Stuttgart, Germany and the Ulm University, Germany , between May 24 - 27, 2021 on MeetAnyway platform . This was my ( Gavindya Jayawardena ) first time attending ETRA. I attended paper sessions and keynotes where scientists and practitioners of all disciplines presented their work via Zoom on MeetAnyway . ETRA aims to bring together eye tracking researchers from Computer Science and Psychology/Cognitive Science. The motto of this year's conference was "Bridging Communities". There were more than 300 participants who attended ETRA 2021 virtually, making ETRA 2021 the largest ETRA Conference in the history. The paper presentations consisted of papers accepted for both ETRA 2021 and ETRA 2020 since ETRA 2020 was cancelled. @ETRA_conference 2021 is in full effect! More than 300 participants are virtually com