2020-08-05: Md Javedul Ferdous (Computer Science PhD Student)

Md Javedul FerdousM.S. in Computer Science, AIUB, 2019B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, EWU, 2016
Hello,I am a doctoral student at Old Dominion University (ODU), Norfolk, VA. I received a master’s degree in Computer Science at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh. At ODU, I'm working with the Web Science and Digital Libraries (WS-DL) research group under the supervision of Dr. Vikas Ashok. My research projects include human-computer interaction, deep Learning, and algorithm-based problem-solving. I have research experience in computer vision, deep learning, and the Bayesian algorithm. My master’s thesis research was on classification, computation, and movement of an object and their corresponding relationship. In this project, I used a region-based fully convolutional network and a long and short-term memory-based model. For the dissertation of my bachelor’s degree, I worked on the Bayesian Network to verify the Software Product Line (SPL) …

2020-08-05: Historical Twitter Follower Count Via Web Archives

In our previous posts,Twitter Follower Growth for the 2020 Democratic Candidates and Revisiting Twitter Follower Growth for the 2020 Democratic Candidates, we used Twitter follower growth between 2019-01-01 and 2019-04-18 as a proxy to measure popularity of the Democratic candidates. We found an 80% similarity between the list of top 10 candidates based on absolute increase in the Twitter follower count and the final 10 candidates remaining in the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination race based on their campaign withdrawal date. In order to collect historical Twitter follower count of the Democratic candidates, we parsed the follower count values from the Twitter mementos of the candidates. Miranda Smith, in her post, Twitter Follower Count History via the Internet Archive, released a follower count parser code which accepts a Twitter handle as input and returns the historical Twitter follower counts by parsing mementos from the Internet Archive. In this post, we have released a ne…

2020-08-03: ACM SIGIR 2020 Non-Trip Report

On July 25, more than 1,300 registrants around the world opened their laptops and started attending SIGIR 2020. Via Zoom and the streaming capabilities of the conference web portal, we were able to watch speakers, raise hands, ask questions, and chat with attendees.  SIGIR 2020 was in Xi'an, China, but few registrants could attend in person due to the travel restrictions imposed to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. The SIGIR 2020 program committee successfully converted their in-person conference to an online variant. They reduced conference fees so more people could attend and made much of the live streaming content available to the public.

ACM SIGIR is the premier conference for information retrieval. I have always wanted to attend. I have no papers to present, but Los Alamos National Laboratory was kind enough to pay for my time and attendance. SIGIR 2020 was my first pandemic video conference. I witnessed impressive work in this rapidly changing landscape. The age of term frequenci…