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2023-08-31: The End of a Chapter

I joined the WS-DL (Web Science and Digital Libraries) Research Group at Old Dominion University in the Fall of 2021 . On July 25, 2023, I successfully defended my thesis and will have officially earned my Master's Degree as of the end of August 2023. Before I continue, I would like to thank Dr. Nelson and Dr. Weigle , my advisors, and  Dr. Wu , a member of my thesis committee, for their guidance and feedback throughout this process. This would not have been possible without them and many others!  My Master's thesis was titled "Assessing the Prevalence and Archival Rate of URIs to Git Hosting Platforms in Scholarly Publications". Reference rot in scholarly publications has been well documented by studied including Scholarly Context Not Found: One in Five Articles Suffers from Reference Rot  by Martin Klein et al. (WSDL alum) and Scholarly Context Adrift: Three out of Four URI References Lead to Changed Content  by Shawn Jones et al. (WSDL alum). Anecdotally, we as

2023-08-30: Summary of "Supporting Accessible Data Visualization Through Audio Data Narratives"

  Figure 1: A proposed heuristics-based approach to automatically generate a narrative given a time-series dataset (Figure 1 in Siu et al. ) The use of online data visualizations is becoming more crucial in informing the public and aiding decision-making. However, most guidelines and tools for creating these visualizations are centered around visuals, leaving little consideration for screen reader users who rely on non-visual methods to access data. As a result, there needs to be more exploration of alternative representations that cater to their needs. In the paper “ Supporting Accessible Data Visualization Through Audio Data Narratives, ”, published at CHI 2022 conference, Siu et al. introduced audio data narratives and accessible data representation for screen reader users that use image descriptions and sonification to provide direct, multimodal, and up-to-date access to data. These narratives employ image descriptions and sonification to offer direct, multimodal, and real-time a

2023-08-26: AI Symposium: Striking the Balance: AI Automation and Human Interaction in Teaching and Learning

I was honored to be invited to join the discussion panel of a campus-wide symposium titled " Striking the Balance: AI Automation and Human Interaction in Teaching and Learning ", which will happen on September 8, 2023 from 10 am to 12 pm in the Big Blue Room, Chartway Arena, Old Dominion University (ODU).  The other panel members are: Dr. Helen Crompton , Executive Director of the Research Institute for Digital Innovation in Learning (RIDIL) and Professor of STEM Education & Professional Studies. She is also the CEO of Crompton Consulting .  Dr. Khan Iftekharuddin , Professor of Battern College of Engineering and Technology. Dr. Chrysoula Malogianni , Associate Vice President of Digital Innovation, Division of Digital Learning of ODU.  The panel discussion moderator will be Dr. Tracie Ortiz , Instructional Designer Manager, and DEI Design Coordinator.  The panel discussion is motivated by the fast advancement of artificial intelligence in the past decades, especially the

2023-08-23: Six WSDL Classes Offered for Fall 2023

Image Six courses from the Web Science and Digital Libraries ( W S-DL ) Group will be offered for Spring 2023.  The classes will be a mixture of on-line, f2f, and hybrid.  CS 418/518 Web Programming , Dr.   Jian Wu , Tuesdays & Thursdays 3-4:15 Topics : LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), MVC (Model-View-Control), Search Engines, GitHub     CS 433/533 Web Security , Dr.   Michael L. Nelson , Web, Wednesdays 4:20-7  Topics : HTTP, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Same Origin Policy, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Fingerprinting, Denial-of-service, Phishing. CS 620 Intro to Data Science & Analytics , Dr.   Sampath Jayarathna , Web, Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:45-7 Topics : Python, Pandas, NumPy, NoSQL, Data Wrangling, ML, Colab. CS 625 Data Visualization , Dr.   Michele C. Weigle , Tuesdays & Thursdays 11-12:15 Topics : Tableau, R, Vega-Lite, Observable, Markdown, OpenRefine, data cleaning, visual perception, visualization design, exploratory data analysis, visual s

2023-08-22: Lil Tay’s Fake Death Announcement: The Quest for a Deleted Instagram Post in Web Archives

On August 9, 2023,  a post on the Instagram (IG) account of the teenage influencer Lil Tay announced the death of her and her half-brother (Figure 1 - right) . Within the following day, Tay's family issued a statement to TMZ, reassuring everyone that she and her brother were alive and safe .  Tay acknowledged that her IG account had been compromised, leading to the dissemination of misleading details about the supposed demise of her and her brother. It's been reported that Meta intervened to regain control of her account, ultimately resulting in the removal of the post. This blog post is about using web archives (specifically, the Internet Archive (IA) and ) to find the post that was deleted. Although there were no archived copies, or mementos, that successfully replay the content of the deleted post in IA, there is one memento in (Figure 7). Figure 1: A picture of Lil Tay (left) and a screenshot of the post on the Instagram account of Lil Tay announc

2023-08-22: CARE: Coastal Adaptation and Resilience Education

CARE program attendees with faculty mentors and graduate assistants. CARE: Coastal Adaptation and Resilience Education was held in person from July 24 - July 28 at Old Dominion University . The Virginia Space Grant Consortium sponsored the event with faculty and student instructors from the Department of Computer Science , Political Science and Geography , and the School of Public Service at Old Dominion University. The camp mainly focused on how data science can help understand and improve water quality to enhance coastal resilience. The camp also familiarized the participants with the challenges faced by the cities in Hampton Roads due to coastal flooding. High School Summer Camp, "CARE: Coastal Adaptation and Resilience Education", July 24-28, 2023. In-person at Old Dominion University. This is available for High School students from Hampton Roads, VA. Applications are due July 16. @WebSciDL @ODUSCI @odu