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2012-11-10: Site Transitions, Cool URIs, URI Slugs, Topsy

Recently I was emailing a friend and wanted to update her about the recent buzz we have enjoyed with Hany SalahEldeen 's TPDL 2012 paper about the loss rate of resources shared over Twitter.  I remembered that an article in the MIT Technology Review from the Physics arXiv blog started the whole wave of popular press (e.g., MIT Technology Review , BBC , The Atlantic , Spiegel ).  To help convey the amount of social media sharing of these stories, I was sending links to the sites using social media search engine Topsy .  Having recently discovered it, Topsy has quickly become one of my favorite sites.  It does many things, but the part I enjoy most is the ability to prepend " " to a URI to discover how many times a URI has been shared and who is sharing it.  For example: becomes: and you can see all the tweets th

2012-11-06: TPDL 2012 Conference

It all started last April, particularly on the 9th, when I received an email from the Dr. George Buchanan delivering the good news, my paper have been accepted at the annual international conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries TPDL 2012 . Being the Program Chair, Dr. Buchanan sent me the reviews and feedback associated with my paper which was entitled “ Losing My Revolution: How Many Resources Shared on Social Media Have Been Lost? ” which paved the way in the following months for the preparation process to present this paper.   Along with submitting the paper, Dr. Nelson gave me the permission to submit my PhD proposal to be considered for the Doctoral Consortium at the conference. Scoring my second goal, Dr. Birger Larsen and Dr. Stefan Gradmann sent me a delightful email announcing the committee's acceptance to my proposal and I was invited a day before the conference to present my work at the consortium. The Hat-trick came a few weeks before