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2023-04-28: The Governor’s STEM Academy at Grassfield High School's Visit to ODU Computer Science Department

Dr. Sampath Jayarathna welcoming the students of Governor’s STEM Academy to ODU Computer Science Department On March 16th, 9th Graders from Grassfield High School Governor’s STEM academy visited ODU Computer Science Department . The Governor’s STEM Academy operates as a school-within-a-school and features a cutting-edge curriculum especially designed for students with an interest in STEM careers, and is located in Chesapeake, VA. Students attending the Governor’s STEM Academy take core academic courses as well as STEM elective courses from one of more of the three career pathways: Engineering and Technology, Programming and Software Development, and Global Entrepreneurship and Technology.  Members of NIRDS Lab , Accessible Computing Lab , LAMP-SYS Lab, and WSDL Lab took this opportunity to showcase their research work, findings, and lab equipment to the visitors from the Governor’s STEM Academy.  They prepared hands-on activities along with presentations to keep visitors from  Gove