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2016-01-28: January 2016 Federal Cloud Computing Summit

As I have mentioned previously , I am the MITRE chair of the Federal Cloud Computing summit . The Summits are designed to allow representatives from government agencies that would not necessarily cross paths to collaborate and learn from one another about the best practices, challenges, and recommendations for adopting emerging technologies in the federal government. The MITRE- ATARC Collaboration Symposium is a working group-style session in which academics, representatives from industry, government, and FFRDC representatives discuss potential solutions and ways-forward for the top challenges of emerging technology adoption in government. MITRE helps select the challenge areas by polling government practitioners on their top challenges, and the participants break into groups to discuss each challenge area. The Collaboration Symposium allows this heterogeneous group of cloud practitioners to collaborate across all levels, from the end users to researchers to practitioners to po

2016-01-02: Review of WS-DL's 2015

. @WebSciDL reunion at #jcdl2015 - 4 phd alumni, 3 phd students, 2 profs! — Michael L. Nelson (@phonedude_mln) June 23, 2015 The Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group had a terrific 2015, marked by four new student members, one Ph.D. defense, and two large research grants.  In many ways it was even better than 2014 and 2013 . We had fewer students graduate or advance their status this year, but last year was unusually productive.  We did add four new students, as well as graduate a PhD student, an MS student, and had two other students advance their status: Hany SalahEldeen defended his Ph.D. on May 5, 2015 and then took a cross country motorcycle trip on his way to join Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.   Shawn Jones defended his M.S. thesis on March 23, 2015 and then joined LANL as a Graduate Research Assistant in the fall of 2015.  Shawn will continue his PhD work while @ LANL, working with Herbert Van de Sompel . Sawo