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2015-05-29: Call me Dr. SalahEldeen

Dr. Nelson saying how awesome I am Stick a fork in’s done! So now what? These are the two thoughts that floated in my mind just after defending my dissertation on May 5th. Is it over?... Well, my bet the road has just begun. I just became a doctor after all! After merely just 5 years, 4 months, 13 days I finished the PhD (see what I did here? that’s sarcasm!). Fresh off the boat (err the plane) I landed on December 23rd 2009 I though I will just knock this PhD out in a couple of years and go work for a big company, and oh boy little did I know. I believe I am a whole different man now, I learned things I didn’t even imagine I would know, mostly about myself and the glorious fields of machine learning, modeling, user behavioral analysis, archival, preservation, and of course engineering. What do you know, it turned out that research is awesome and I loved it. Finding a pattern, building this predictive model that learns with time gives you a pleasure of no equal, and a

2015-05-09: IIPC General Assembly 2015 Trip Report

The day before International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) General Assembly 2015 we landed in San Francisco and some delicious Egyptian dishes were waiting for us. Thank you Ahmed, Yasmin, Moustafa, Adrian, and Yusuf for hosting us. It was a great way to spend the evening before IIPC GA and we were delighted to see you people after long time. @WebSciDL reunion before #iipcGA15 @phonedude_mln @mart1nkle1n @yasmina_anwar @ibnesayeed @hvdsomp @mousta — Ahmed AlSum (@aalsum) April 27, 2015 Day 1 We (Sawood Alam, Michael L. Nelson, and Herbert Van de Sompel) entered in the conference hall a few minutes after the session was started and Michael Keller from Stanford University Libraries was about to leave the stage after the welcome speech. IIPC Chair Paul Wagner gave brief opening remarks and invited the keynote speaker Vinton Cerf from Google on the stage. The title of the talk was " Digital Vellum: Interacting with Digi