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2023-07-31: Disinformation Detection and Analytics REU Program - Mid Summer Presentations

Parker Story presenting his work at 2023 REU Mid Summer Presentations The Department of Computer Science at Old Dominion University's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program started on June 5th with the support of the National Science Foundation as an effort to improve the awareness of disinformation and to identify novel techniques to battle online disinformation. This REU program recruited seven undergraduate students who are interested in disinformation and analytics to research and develop novel tools and techniques for countering online disinformation. This REU is a 10-week summer program where students work with ODU faculty and students from WS-DL , NirdsLab , AccessLab , LampSys, and VMASC .  On July 6th, the REU students presented their progress on the projects at the Mid-Summer Presentations. Students gave a high-level presentation, giving a clear insight into their approach, and their overall development and results. Students had 10 minutes for the prese

2023-07-29: InSupport: Proxy Interface for Enabling Efficient Non-Visual Interaction with Web Data Records

Figure 1: The virtual cover of the IUI '22 conference. In 2022, there were 268 million online shoppers in the United States. This number will increase to almost 285 million online shoppers in 2025. It’s become a much easier way to shop, considering that it doesn’t require you to leave your house. People every day go to online websites to buy their goods based on their preferences. An e-commerce website like Walmart or Amazon consists of web data records that are integral components of many websites [Figure 2]. These websites present structured information by querying from a database. Examples include a list of products or services, such as items on a shopping website, available hotel rooms on a travel website, and so on. In this blog, I will discuss our work titled “ InSupport: Proxy Interface for Enabling Efficient Non-Visual Interaction with Web Data Records. ” which was published at the 27th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces . The work focuses on improvi

2023-07-26: ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) 2023 Trip Report

The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) 2023 was a hybrid conference with the in-person event at Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza , New Mexico and virtual attendees joining via Zoom. JCDL 2023 conference took place from June 26-30 and it was hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory . JCDL is a major international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues. Members of our Web Science and Digital Libraries (WS-DL) research group (current and former) presented 9 papers and posters and won three awards at JCDL 2023. Best Student Paper Award: Making Changes in Webpages Discoverable: A Change-Text Search Interface for Web Archives (Lesley Frew, Michael Nelson, and Michele Weigle) Best Short Paper Award: MetaEnhance: Metadata Quality Improvement for Electronic Theses and Dissertations of University Libraries (Muntabir Hasan Choudhury, Lamia Salsabil, Himarsha R. Jayanetti, Jian Wu, William A. Ingram, and Edward A. Fox) Best P