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2009-09-28: OAI-ORE In 10 Minutes

A significant part of my research time in 2007-2008 was spent working on the Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse & Exchange project (OAI-ORE, or simply just ORE). Producing the OR E suite of eight documents was difficult and took longer than I anticipated, but we had an excellent team and I'm extremely proud of the results. In the process, I also learned a great deal about the building blocks of ORE: the Web Architecture , Linked Data and RDF . I'm often asked "What is ORE?" and I don't always have a good, short answer. The simplest way I like to describe ORE is "machine readable splash-pages". More formally, ORE addresses the problem of identifying Aggregations of Resources on the Web. For example, we often use the URI of an html page as the identifier of an entire collection of Resources. Consider this YouTube URI: Technically, it identifies just the html page that is returned when that URI is d

2009-09-19: Football Intelligence and Beyond

Football Intelligence (FI) is a system for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help Football enthusiasts discover more about the performance of their favorite past time. While taking Dr. Nelson's Collective Intelligence class I became fascinated with techniques for mining useful data from the "collective intelligence" of readily available data on the Internet. We decided to apply some of the Data Mining Techniques covered in class in an attempt to predict the 2009 NFL Football season. There is a plethora of data out there that could be mined from Injury reports to betting lines but we decided to limit the scope to use the box score data for training and predictions. Using box scores from 2003 to present we trained a number of different models from Support Vector Machines to Multilayer Perceptron Networks. The implementations of the models we are using are based on the Weka Data Mining Software. Weka contains a number of tools for experimenting

2009-09-16: Announcing ArchiveFacebook - A Firefox Add-on for Archiving Facebook Accounts

ArchiveFacebook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save web pages from Facebook and easily manage them. Save content from Facebook directly to your hard drive and view them exactly the same way you currently view them on Facebook. Why would you want to do this?  Facebook has become a very important part of our lives.  Information about our friends, family, business contacts and acquaintances is stored in Facebook with no easy way to get it out.  ArchiveFacebook allows you to do just that.  What guarantee do you have that Facebook won't accidentally, or in some cases intentionally delete your account?  Don't trust your data to one web site alone.  Take matters into your own hands and preserve this information.  Show it to your kids one day! Currently ArchiveFacebook can save: Photos Messages Activity Stream Friends List Notes Events Groups Info Installation: You can download the extension from .  Once