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2012-06-17: JCDL 2012 Conference

On Saturday, my colleague, Justin Brunelle , and I took off on a road trip to attend this year’s JCDL conference in Washington, D.C. We arrived at the nation’s capital earlier that evening and began preparing our presentations after settling in at the George Washington University Inn . Both of us were accepted to present our work at the conference’s Doctoral Consortium . Justin has already blogged about the consortium and our experience in his brilliant blog post . The conference started on the following Monday (June 10 th ). The registration went smoothly and we all took our seats at the Betts Theatre in the Marvin Center which sits in the heart of George Washington University . Barrie Howard and Karim Boughida (the conference co-chairs) gave the welcoming remarks and were followed by Leo M. Chalupa , the Vice President of Research at the university. Michael Nelson , opened up the session and introduced the keynote speaker, Jason Scott . Winning the award for the Most “

2012-06-12: JCDL 2012 Doctoral Consortium

The ODU WS-DL research group kicked off  JCDL 2012  at  The George Washington University  by presenting the first two  Doctoral Consortium  papers on June 10th, 2012. The Doctoral Consortium is a workshop for PhD students that are in the early stages of defining their research. It is a venue for presenting a potential path through the PhD, as well as a way to receive feedback from peers and other researchers. Past WS-DL students have benefited from the workshop, including Joan Smith , Frank McCown , Martin Klein , Chuck Cartledge , and Ahmed Alsum . Hany SalahEldeen and I ( Justin F. Brunelle ) were honored and excited to be the next class of WS-DL students to participate. The first session was the Data Preservation and Curation section, chaired by Maristella Agosti . I presented the first paper entitled " Filling in the Blanks: Capturing Dynamically Generated Content ". My work will study capturing, sharing, and archiving Web 2.0 resources that traditional crawlers canno

2012-06-04: Glue Conference 2012

Glue Conference 2012  took place at the Omni Interlocken Hotel Bloomfield, CO on May 23 and 24th. Gluecon is an information packed developer conference that focuses on cloud, mobile, APIs, big data, and most importantly, developers. Some of the topics included NoSQL, node.js, HTML5, backend-as-a-service, cloud management and security, cloud storage, Hadoop, DevOps, mobile app development, and cloud platforms. I attended the conference with sponsorship (full ride) from  FullContact .  These guys were unbelievably gracious and showed me a great time while I was out there.  I came in contact with them when  Bart Lorang , CEO of FullContact contacted me over e-mail and wanted to setup a time to talk with him and his engineering team about a  paper  I had  published  at a  KDD'11 workshop .  After meeting with the guys and talking shop, I found out that they are solving the same real world problems (at world scale) that I was working on in my graduate research (at individual scale