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2016-12-20: Archiving Pages with Embedded Tweets

I'm from Louisiana and used Archive-It to build a collection of webpages about the September flood there ( ). One of the pages I came across, Hundreds of Louisiana Flood Victims Owe Their Lives to the 'Cajun Navy' , highlighted the work of the volunteer "Cajun Navy" in rescuing people from their flooded homes. The page is fairly complex, with a Flash video, YouTube video, 14 embedded tweets (one of which contained a video), and 2 embedded Instagram posts. Here's a screenshot of the original page (click for full page): Live page, screenshot generated on Sep 9, 2016 To me, the most important resources here were the tweets and their pictures, so I'll focus here on how well they were archived. First, let's look at how embedded Tweets work on the live web. According to Twitter : "An Embedded Tweet comes in two parts: a <blockquote> containing Tweet information and the JavaScript file on T