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2020-07-31: Sami Uddin (Computer Science Masters Student)

Hello everyone! My name is Sami Uddin (you can call me Rayan!) and I am a member of the  Web Science and Digital Libraries  (WS-DL) research group at  Old Dominion University  (ODU). I have joined ODU in Spring 2020 as a Masters student in the  Department of Computer Science . Also, I am currently working with Dr.  Vikas G Ashok  and exploring the field of web accessibility for people with visual impairment. My first semester here has elapsed pretty quickly. I took CS 595-Intro to Machine Learning  where I learned about various machine learning algorithms and techniques on both supervised and unsupervised learning problems. In addition to that as the course project, Dr. Sun   involved me in one of his projects which gave me the taste of working in the field of bioinformatics. Besides, I had a chance to take  CS 665-Computer Architecture , taught by Dr. Olariu  which enriched my knowledge in hardware and their functionalities, pipelining, parallelism and scheduling, and memory hierarchy

2020-07-29: Working With Archives Unleashed Cloud

Figure 1: Analyzing an  Archive-It  collection with  Archives Unleashed Cloud  to create  derivatives Archives Unleashed Cloud  is one of the tools from the  Archives Unleashed Project  that I have been learning about recently. (The Archives Unleashed Project was recently  awarded a $1M grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to continue their work and further integrate Archives Unleashed and Archive-It.) As Figure 1 illustrates, Archives Unleashed Cloud takes an  Archive-It  collection, performs domain-level and textual analysis, and produces derivatives that can be directly visualized or imported into other tools. The crawl report for an Archive-It collection is shown at the top of Figure 1. This collection was created by my advisor Dr. Michele Weigle and the name of the collection is " South Louisiana Flood - 2016 ". This collection was created to archive an unexpected event which was a flood that occurred in August 2016 in southern Louisiana. I used Archives

2020-07-21: Excited to join WS-DL group at ODU

As a new member of WS-DL group, I like to share a bit of my story before joining ODU CS. I have received my BS and MS in Computer Engineering in Iran. I have graduated with a PhD degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University in 2018.  I was a member of the  Center for the Study of the Digital Libraries (CSDL) group. I have worked with Dr. Frank Shipman . My research interests are in Computer Human Information Interaction, Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Digital Libraries, Web Archive, Digital Data Preservation, and Social Computing. I have years of experience in teaching computer science courses. While I was working on my PhD research remotely, I kept my connection with academia and have taught several different courses at Computer Science department at Virginia Tech for two years (2017-2019). My family and I moved to Norfolk last year (Fall 2019) and I started as a full-time faculty at Physics, Computer Science and Engineering

2020-07-15: Twitter Was Already Difficult To Archive, Now It's Worse!

Figure 1:  Archived and Live version of Donald Trump's tweet with the attached disclaimer ( 2020-05-29T14:53:39 ) On May 29, 2020, Twitter attached a disclaimer to one of U.S. President  Donald Trump’s tweets  on the  Minneapolis protests . This disclaimer labeled the tweet as violating  Twitter Rules about glorifying violence . A similar case happened on May 26, 2020, when Twitter added a  fact-check label  to two of the  President’s tweets on mail-in voting . On replaying these tweets through web archives, most of the archived pages, or mementos, failed to include  the disclaimer  and  the label . This  tweet thread  shows how different archiving platforms failed to replay Twitter's disclaimer. Figure 1 shows how the disclaimer is missing in the archived copy in the Internet Archive's  Wayback Machine . The other visible difference shown in the above image is the variation in Twitter UI. The memento of the Minneapolis protests tweet has the old Twitter interfac