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2016-05-31: Can I find this story? API: Yes, Google: Maybe, Native Search: No

A part of our research (funded by IMLS) to build collections for stories or events involves exploring content curation sites like Storify in order to determine if they hold quality (news worthy, timely, etc.) content. Storify is a social network service used to create stories which consists of text and multimedia content, as well as content from other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our exploration involved collecting stories from Storify over a period in other to manually inspect the stories to determine their newsworthiness. This exploration was dual natured: we collected latest stories (across multiple topics) from the Storify API (browse/latest interface) over a period of time, we also collected stories from Storify about the Ebola virus through Storify's search API. During this period we collected resources from Google (with the "" directive) as well. At a particular point in our exploration, we considered if we could rely e…