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2017-02-22: Archive Now (archivenow): A Python Library to Integrate On-Demand Archives

Examples: Archive Now (archivenow) CLI A small part of my research is to ensure that certain web pages are preserved in public web archives to hopefully be available and retrievable whenever needed at any time in the future. As archivists believe that "lots of copies keep stuff safe", I have created a Python library ( Archive Now ) to push web resources into several on-demand archives, such as The Internet Archive , WebCite , , and . For any reason, one archive stops serving temporarily or permanently, it is likely that copies can be fetched from other archives. By Archive Now , one command like:     $ archivenow --all is sufficient for the current CNN homepage to be captured and preserved by all configured archives in this Python library. Archive Now allows you to accomplish the following major tasks: A web page can be pushed into one archive A web page can be pushed into multiple archives A web page can be pushed into all archi

2017-02-13: Electric WAILs and Ham

Mat Kelly recently posted  Lipstick or Ham: Next Steps For WAIL in which he spoke about the past, present, and potential future for WAIL. Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL) is a tool that seeks to address the disparity between institutional and individual archiving tools by providing one-click configuration and utilization of both Heritrix and Wayback from a user's personal computer. I am here to speak on the realization of WAIL's future by introducing WAIL-Electron. WAIL-Electron WAIL has been completely revised from a Python application using modern Web technologies into an Electron application. Electron combines a Chromium (Chrome) browser with Node.js allowing for native desktop applications to be created using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The move to Electron has brought with it many improvements most importantly, of which is the ability to update and package WAIL for the three major operating systems: Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Support for these