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2010-03-19: MementoFox Add-on Released

There have been a number of developments in the Memento project. Perhaps the most interesting is the release of the MementoFox Mozilla Add-on. Shown to the left is the MementoFox installed in FireFox 3.6. I went to , then turned on MementoFox by clicking the green "(M)" logo near the top left. I used the slider bar to select a date of 2010-02-22 (red text box), some magic happened, and then I was presented with an archived version of in the WebCite archive with an actual date of 2010-02-23 , 1 day in the future of what I requested (green text box). Entering a new date in the red text box or using the slider bar will cause MementoFox to find the closest archived copy of, possibly in archive other than WebCite. Everyone is encouraged to go to the Memento Demos page, install MementoFox and walk through some other time traveling scenarios detailed there. It is actually quite a lot of fun to play with. Feedback is welcome on the memento-dev gr