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2011-05-20: Report on the 2011 IIPC General Assembly

I spent the week of May 9--13 at the KB in The Hague, the Netherlands for the 2011 IIPC General Assembly . Joining me there was Rob Sanderson of LANL. Rob had attended the 2010 GA in Singapore, but this was my first IIPC and I learned a great deal. The first day was open to the public in a special session entitled " Out of the Box: Building and Using Web Archive Collections ", of which I missed most because I was taking a nap after arriving the morning of May 9. Fortunately, Inge Angevaare prepared a comprehensive summary of the first day . I believe presentations and a video of highlights from the first day will be available from the IIPC site shortly. The next three days were spent in the IIPC plenary and working groups. Rob gave a high-level Memento status report on Tuesday, and Rob and I gave a more detailed tutorial later in the day: Memento: Updated technical details (May 2011) from Herbert Van de Sompel Wednesday and Thursday were largely spen