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2012-01-23: Release of Warrick 2.0 Beta

After a long hiatus, the Warrick tool has been resurrected with some modifications. Warrick is a free utility for reconstructing (or recovering) a website. The original version of Warrick discovered archived versions of resources by searching the Web Infrastructure (which includes search engine caches and the Internet Archive ) for archived versions of web resources. It would automatically download and organize the best versions of the archived resources and package them into a copy of the deleted site. As discussed by Warrick's creator, Frank McCown , the original version of Warrick was prone to breaking due to frequent changes to search engine APIs and archive URLs . Warrick 2.0, adapted from Dr. McCown's original code by Justin F. Brunelle , interfaces with the Memento framework via the mcurl program (developed by Ahmed AlSum ). By incorporating Memento timemaps, Warrick no longer has the responsibility of directly searching and communicating with the caches and archive

2012-01-221: 2011 NFL Season Conference Championship

The NFL Conference championship games are today. Our models have a tendency to reward teams that can pass the ball well as Passing efficiency correlates with wins rather well. Therefore it is no surprise that two out of the three models predict New England will win over Baltimore. However the Neural Network is predicting that it will be a close game and that New England will not cover the spread of 7 points. The San Francisco / New York game is going to be a good game to watch. Both teams are very close but the Giants have the edge on passing efficiency. Favorite Spread Underdog Discrete Pagerank At NE 4 BAL NE BAL At SF 1 NYG NYG SF -- Greg Szalkowski

2012-01-01: 2011 NFL Season Week 17

The last week of the regular season games is here. Week 17 traditionally exhibits greater statistical dispersion than the other weeks. Teams that have locked in playoff spots will be resting the starting players and teams that do not have a chance at the playoffs may be looking for a better draft pick for next year. Our algorithms once again have picked Green Bay to win but most likely they will rest Aaron Rodgers and most of the starters and Detroit will win the game. Green Bay is an enigma this year, they are 14-1 so far and they have given up more yards than they have gained over the year which invites some interesting analysis . Favorite Spread Underdog Discrete Pagerank At PHI 10 WAS PHI PHI At ATL 14 TB ATL ATL SF 5 At STL SF SF At MIN 6 CHI CHI CHI At GB 8 DET GB GB