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2014-11-20: Archive-It Partners Meeting 2014

I attended the 2014 Archive-It Partners Meeting in Montgomery, AL on November 18.  The meeting attendees are representatives from Archive-It partners with interests ranging from archiving webpages about art and music to archiving government webpages.  (Presentation slides are now available on the Archive-It wiki .)  This is ODU's third consecutive Partners Meeting (see trip reports from 2012  and  2013 ). The morning program was focused on presentations from partners who are building collections.  Here's a brief overview of each of those. Penny Baker and Susan Roeper from the Clark Art Institute talked about their experience in archiving the 2013 Venice Biennale international art exhibition ( Archive-It collection ) and plans for the upcoming exhibition.  Their collection includes exhibition catalogs, monographs, and press releases about the event.  The material also includes a number of videos (mainly from vimeo), which Archive-It can now capture. Beth Downs

2014-11-14: Carbon Dating the Web, version 2.0

For over 1 year, Hany SalahEldeen's Carbon Date service has been out of service mainly because of API changes in some of the underlying modules on which the service is built upon. Consequently, I have taken up the responsibility of maintaining the service, beginning with the following now available in Carbon Date v2.0. Carbon Date v2.0 The Carbon Date service currently makes requests to the different modules (Archives, backlinks, etc.), in a concurrent manner through threading. The server framework has been changed from bottle server to CherryPy server which is still a python minimalist WSGI server, but a more robust framework which features a threaded server. How to use the Carbon Date service There are three ways: Through the website, : Given that carbon dating is highly computationally intensive, the site should be used just for small tests as a courtesy to other users. If you have the need to Carbon Date a large number of URLs, y

2014-11-09: Four WS-DL Classes for Spring 2015

We're excited to announce that four Web Science & Digital Library ( WS-DL ) courses will be offered in Spring 2015: CS 418 " Web Programming ", MW 3-4:15pm (CRN 24656 ), will be offered by Mat Kelly .  This will be an updated version of Dr. Weigle's class from last spring .  There will not be a 518 version of this class.  CS 495/595 " Big Data ", W 4:20-7pm (CRNs 29955 & 29956 ), will be offered by Dr. Charles "Chuck" Cartledge , a summer 2014 PhD graduate .  Chuck will adapt this class from Shahram Mohrehkesh 's class from spring 2014 . CS 725/825 " Information Visualization ", T 9:30am-12:15pm (CRNs 27990 & 27991 ), will be offered by Dr. Weigle .  She has most recently taught this class in fall 2013 .  CS 751/851 " Introduction to Digital Libraries ", R 4:20-7:00pm (CRNs 28839 & 28840 ), will be offered by Dr. Nelson .  This class will undergo many significant updates from its most recent off