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2010-08-28: A Lookup for Nicknames and Diminutive Names

I created a simple lookup file that contains United States given names (first names) and their associated nicknames or diminutive names. For example "gregory" -> "greg", or "geoffrey" -> "geoff".  The file can be downloaded and contributed to from here . This lookup was started from htm  which is used for genealogy purposes. It was a good source to start from but because it is used for genealogy purposes there are some pretty of old names in there.  There was also a significant effort to make it machine readable, i.e. separate names with commas, remove human readable conventions, like "rickie(y)", so that it would be made into two different names "rickie", and "ricky". This is a large list with about 700 entries. Any help from people to clean this list up and add to it is greatly appreciated. Think o

2010-08-18: Fall 2010 Classes

There will be two WS-DL classes offered for Fall 2010. CS 418/518 "Web Programming" will be taught by Martin Klein , but it will be similar in format and content to prior offerings , especially in respect to the focus on LAMP . This class involves significant programming, developing a single project throughout the semester. It is a good complement to CS 495/595 "Web Server Development" which last taught by Martin, in Spring 2010. 2010-08-30 edit: The class page for CS 418/518 is now available. I will teach CS 895 "Time on the Web", a new class that will deal explore the issues of Web resources evolving through time and how we interact with them. Aside from the canonical background readings, we will focus on current and recent projects such as our own Memento & Synchronicity , as well as OAC , Zoetrope , The Re:Search Engine , ADAPT , Past Web Browser , and other projects and papers to be determined. This class will be heavily oriented to