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R Tutorial

As part of Dr. Weigle's CS 796/896 Visual Analytics Seminar I will offer a tutorial on the statistical computing software R . I will give an hands-on introduction into data input/output, simple data manipulation, and (of course) plotting. If you for example always wondered how to fill data vectors, import data from MySQL databases, compute the mean and standard deviation, execute logic, ranking and sorting operations, compute correlations and linear regressions, use loops and write functions as well as create scatter-, bar-, box- and other plots and all that in R, you will enjoy this tutorial. The tutorial is targeted towards course participants which have a natural interest in data visualization but it also has merit for other MS and Ph.D. students doing research and consequently dealing with and plotting data. While this introduction naturally can not cover all aspects of R and does not claim to be exhaustive, it will help students getting started with the software and the mat

2011-01-11: WS-DL Spring 2011 Classes

We are fortunate to have two classes of interest to WS-DL members this semester: Dr. Nelson 's CS 751/851 Introduction to Digital Libraries and Dr. Weigle 's CS 796/896 Visual Analytics Seminar . They'll run back-to-back on Tuesdays in ECSB r. 2120, with 796/896 beginning at 1:30pm and 751/851 beginning at 4:20pm. --Michael