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2022-04-23: 2022 WS-DL Research Expo

  On April 13, 2022, we held our second annual WS-DL Research Expo .  Our 2021 Research Expo was so successful that we decided to make this an annual event toward the end of the spring semester.  We stuck with the same format: one student from each professor giving a short overview of their research.  Links to all the materials are gathered in the GitHub repo , but here again is the list of students and their presentations: Corren McCoy : " A Relevance-Based Model for Ranking Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities " Bhanuka Mahanama : " Multi-User Eye-Tracking: Developments and Challenges " Javedul Ferdous : " InSupport: Proxy Interface for Enabling Efficient Non-Visual Interaction with Web Data Records " Lamia Salsabil : " A Study of Computational Reproducibility using URLs Linking to Open Access Datasets and Software " Emily Escamilla : " Archiving Source Code in Scholarly Content: One in Five Articles References GitHub " We were fortunate e

2022-04-12: Trip report: 2022 CCI Symposium

The 2022 CCI Symposium , hosted by the Virginia Commonwealth Cyber Initiative, was held at the Omni Hotel, Richmond, VA on April 4, 2022, and April 5, 2022. As an awardee of the CCI seed grant on misinformation and disinformation, I presented our project in a speed briefing and a poster, with my student Saad Khan. In this trip report, I outline the symposium, highlight selected talks and posters, and list old and new friends. I also believe networking is an important purpose of coming to a face-to-face meeting.  State of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative by   Luiz DaSilva In this presentation, Dr. Luiz DaSilva, executive director of CCI, systematically summarized the state of the CCI program in four aspects: research, innovation, workforce development, and impact. Since its inauguration, the CCI program has had more than 300 researchers from at least 40 higher education institutions in Virginia. It has four nodes, Northern Virginia Node ( NOVA , directed by Dr.  Liza Wilson Durant ),