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2009-06-29: NDIIPP Partners Meeting

On June 24-26 I attended the 2009 NDIIPP Partners Meeting in Washington DC. Although it has grown from the early years, I believe this year's attendance of 150 people is similar to last year's. Clay Shirky , author of "Here Comes Everybody", gave the keynote on Wednesday morning. Hopefully the Library of Congress will post a video of the keynote soon. If not, take a look at some of his other presentations -- you will find them enjoyable and informative. On Thursday morning I presented a summary of Martin 's PhD research, the tangible product of which will be a FireFox extension called "Synchronicity": Synchronicity: Just-In-Time Discovery of Lost Web Pages from Michael Nelson The presentation was very well received and there is a lot of interest in the extension. There were several interesting break out sessions, but the real news was on Friday when Martha Anderson (LC) introduced the upcoming National Digital Stewardship Alliance

2009-06-22: Back From JCDL 2009

We had a good showing at the 2009 ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) in Austin, TX last week. In total, we had 1 full paper, 3 short papers, 2 posters, 1 workshop paper and 1 doctoral consortium paper. JCDL is the flagship conference in our field and we always make a point to send as many people as possible. Chuck Cartledge (left) presented "A Framework for Digital Object Self-Preservation" at the doctoral consortium . He also presented the related short paper " Unsupervised Creation of Small World Networks for the Preservation of Digital Objects ". Chuck is planning to have his doctoral candidacy exam sometime in the early fall. Michael presented the full paper " Using Timed-Release Cryptography to Mitigate The Preservation Risk of Embargo Periods ". This paper was based on Rabia Haq's MS Thesis, which she defended in the fall of 2008. Michael also co-organized the doctoral consortium and convinced WS-DL alumna Joan Smith