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2014-08-28: InfoVis 2013 Class Projects

(Note: This is continuing a series of posts about visualizations created either by students in our research group or in our classes.) I've been teaching the graduate Information Visualization course since Fall 2011.   In this series of posts, I'm highlighting a few of the projects from each course offering.  (Previous posts: Fall 2011 , Fall 2012 ) In Spring 2013, I taught an Applied Visual Analytics course that asked students to create visualizations based on the "Life in Hampton Roads" annual survey performed by the Social Science Research Center at ODU.  In Fall 2013, I taught the traditional InfoVis course that allowed students to choose their own topics.  (All class projects are listed in my InfoVis Gallery .) Life in Hampton Roads Created by Ben Pitts, Adarsh Sriram Sathyanarayana, Rahul Ganta This project (currently available at ) provides a visualization of the "Life in Hampton Roads" survey for 20

2014-08-26: Memento 101 -- An Overview of Memento in 101 Slides

In preparation for the upcoming " Tools and Techniques for Revisiting Online Scholarly Content " tutorial at JCDL 2014 , Herbert and I have revamped the canonical slide deck for Memento , and have called it " Memento 101 " for the 101 slides it contains.  The previous slide deck was from May 2011 and was no longer current with the RFC (December 2013).  The slides cover Memento basic and intermediate concepts, with pointers for some of the more detailed and esoteric bits (like patterns 2 , 3 , and 4 , as well as the special cases ) of interest to only the most hard-core archive wonks.  The JCDL 2014 tutorial will choose a subset of these slides, combined with updates from the Hiberlink project and various demos.  If you find yourself in need of explaining Memento please feel free to use these slides in part or in whole (PPT is available for download from slideshare).  Memento 101 from Herbert Van de Sompel --Michael & Herbert

2014-08-22: One WS-DL Class Offered for Fall 2014

This fall, only one WS-DL class will be offered: CS 495/595 Introduction to Web Science , Thursdays, 4:20-7:00, r. 2120 This class approaches the Web as a phenomena to be studied in its own right .  In this class we will explore a variety of tools (e.g., Python , R , D3 ) as well as applications (e.g., social networks , recommendations , clustering , classification ) that are commonly used in analyzing the socio-technical structures of the Web.  The class will be similar to the fall 2013 offering.  Right now we're planning on offering in spring 2015: CS 418 Web Programming  CS 725/825 Information Visualization CS 751/851 Introduction to Digital Libraries --Michael