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2012-07-28: Four WS-DL Classes Offered in Fall 2012

The WS-DL group is pleased to offer four classes in the Fall 2012 semester: one undergraduate, one undergraduate/graduate, and two upper level graduate classes.  CS 495: Python and Web Mining .  The instructor for this  class will be Hany SalahEldeen and the course content will be focused on data mining and machine learnin g, similar to the " Collective Intelligence " class offered in Spring 2009 with an additional introduction to programming in Python .   CS 418/518: Web Programming .  The instructor for this class will be Dr. Weigle and the course content will focus on programming in a LAMP environment.  The most recent offering of this course was taught in Fall 2010 .  CS 795/895: Information Visualization .  The instructor for this class will be Dr. Weigle and will be a continuation of the class taught in Fall 2011 (see the semester project gallery for a sampling of topics).  2012-08-27 Edit: this class has been moved to Spring 2012.  CS 895: Web-Based Inform

2012-07-27: Digital Preservation 2012 Trip Report

Digital Preservation 2012 was held July 24-25 at the Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia. Previously the NDSA/NDIIPP ( @ndsa2 / @ndiipp ) Partner Meetup (see our trip report from 2011 ), this year's theme was "access to digital content under stewardship". A wide range of presentations were given on the full range of digital preservation topics. Four representatives from the ODU Web Sciences and Digital Libraries group attended to present their research and recent work in one of various realms within the field. WS-DL's Contributions to Digital Preservation 2012 Mat Kelly ( @machawk1 ) presented a demo of a Google Chrome extension he developed called WARCreate , as a further extension to the initial poster/demo presented at WS-DL's trip to JCDL this past June. WARCreate allows a user to create a Web ARChive (WARC) file from any viewable webpage. Mat's main focus was on preserving content behind aut

2012-07-05: Exploring the WAC: Challenges in Providing Access to the World's Web Archives

The Web Archive Cooperative (WAC) held its 2012 Summer Workshop June 29–30 at Stanford University Palo Alto, California. The workshop focused on the challenges (and some solutions) of providing easy access to the World’s web archives. The WS-DL Research Group had six members in attendance. Memento and Source Code Repositories — Harihar Shankar (LANL)  Memento allows temporal access to web resources using datetime. Version control services such as GitHub also allow temporal access, but using a version number instead of datetime. Harihar Shankar of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Research Library presented Memento and a Memento/GitHub proxy prototyped at LANL. The proxy enables access to GitHub projects through datetime. For many use cases, datetime is much simpler that Git ’s 25-hex-character commit id. A Research Agenda for “Obsolete Data or Resources” — Michael Nelson (ODU) Old Dominion University’s Michael Nelson presented WAC’s research agenda for obso