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2013-02-24: Personal Digital Archiving 2013

On February 21-22 Justin Brunelle ( @justinfbrunelle ) and I ( @machawk1 ) traveled to College Park, Maryland for Personal Digital Archiving (PDA) 2013 . Other members of the Web Science and Digital Libraries Research (WS-DL) Group at ODU had previously attended this conference (see 2012 Trip Report and 2011 Trip Report ), always previously at Internet Archive in San Francisco , and knew it would be informative and extremely relevant to both of research efforts. We had both been anticipating a few of the presentations, namely the keynotes by Sally Bedell Smith and George Sanger and that Erin Engle ( @erinengle ) promised on the Library of Congress digital preservation blog The Signal . For the sake of preservation, I captured videos of many of the presentations , which I posted on Internet Archive. Each available will be linked inline in this post but for a more original experience, view the videos. As our sole mission at WS-DL is not only to document conferences (ok, admit