2016-01-02: Review of WS-DL's 2015

The Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group had a terrific 2015, marked by four new student members, one Ph.D. defense, and two large research grants.  In many ways it was even better than 2014 and 2013.

We had fewer students graduate or advance their status this year, but last year was unusually productive.  We did add four new students, as well as graduate a PhD student, an MS student, and had two other students advance their status:
Hany's Defense Luncheon
Hany's defense saw us continue the WS-DL tradition of the post-PhD luncheon.

We had 16 publications in 2015, which was about the same as 2014 (15) but down from 2013's impressive 22 publications.  This year we had:
Next year we won't have this kind of showing at JCDL 2016 because Michele is one of the program co-chairs:

JCDL 2016 Chairs

In addition to the JCDL, TPDL, and iPRES conferences listed above, we traveled to and presented at ten conferences, workshops, or professional meetings that do not have formal proceedings:
We were also fortunate to host Michael Herzog for the spring 2015 semester:

MLN, MCW, and Michael Herzog

As well as Herbert Van de Sompel for an extended colloquium / planning visit:

We also released (or updated) a number of software packages, services, and format definitions:
  • Alexander Nwala created: 
  • Sawood released:
    • CDXJ -  a proposed serialization of CDX files (among other formats) in JSON format (based on his discussions with Ilya Kreymer
    • MemGator - A Go-based Memento aggregator (used by Ilya in his excellent emulation service oldweb.today).
  • Shawn, working with LANL colleagues, released the py-memento-client Python library.
  • Wes and Justin released "Mobile Mink", an Android Memento enabled client.  
  • Mat has continued to update the Mink Chrome extension (github, Chrome store). 
Our coverage in the popular press continued:
We were fortunate to receive two significant research grants this year, totaling nearly $1M:
Thanks to all who made 2015 a great year!  We are looking forward to 2016!

-- Michael


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