2024-01-03: Seven WSDL Classes Offered for Spring 2024



Seven courses from the Web Science and Digital Libraries (WS-DL) Group will be offered for Spring 2024.  The classes will be a mixture of on-line, f2f, and hybrid.

  • CS 418/518 Web Programming, Ms. Nasreen Muhammad Arif, Tuesday & Thursday 6-7:15 and online
    Topics: MySQL, React, Express.js, NodeJS, MVC (Model-View-Control), Search Engines, GitHub  
  • CS 432/532 Web Science, Ms. Nasreen Muhammad Arif, asynchronous 
    Topics: Python, R, D3, ML, and IR.  
  • CS 725/825 Information Visualization and Visual Analytics, Dr. Michele C. Weigle, Monday & Wednesday 3-4:15 and online  
    Topics: Vega-Lite, D3, visual analytics, interactive visualizations, dashboard design.  
  • CS 732/832 Human Computer Interaction, Dr. Sampath Jayarathna, Wednesday 4:30-7:10pm and online 
    Topics: Cognitive and social phenomena surrounding human use of computers.  
  • CS 733/833 Natural Language Processing, Dr. Vikas Ashok, Tuesday & Thursday 11-12:15 and online
    Topics: Language Models, Parsing, Word Embedding, Machine Translation, Text Simplification, Text Summarization, Question Answering 
  • CS 795/895 Intelligent Interactive Systems, Dr. Vikas Ashok, Friday 4:30-7:10
    Topics: gesture typing, smart compose, personal assistants, user modeling, content personalization, affective computing, automatic UI generation
  • CS 795/895 Fundamentals of Deep Learning, Dr. Jian Wu, Tuesday 6-8:40 
    Topics: fully-connected neural networks, recurrent neural networks, convolutional neural networks, regularization, generalization, loss function, backpropagation, attention, transformer, graph neural networks, and deep reinforcement learning

New faculty member Ms. Nasreen Muhammad Arif will be teaching the WS-DL mainstays, CS 418/518 and CS 432/532.  

 The Fall 2024 semester is still undecided, but the following courses are likely:

  • CS 418/518 Web Programming, Dr. Jian Wu
  • CS 480/580 Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Vikas Ashok
  • CS 620 Intro to Data Science & Analytics, Dr. Sampath Jayarathna 
  • CS 625 Intro to Data Visualization, Dr. Michele C. Weigle 
  • CS 733/833 Fundamentals of Deep Learning, Dr. Vikas Ashok
  • CS 734/834 Information Retrieval, Dr. Jian Wu
  • CS 735/835 Web Archiving Forensics, Dr. Michael L. Nelson

Previous course offerings: F23, S23, F22, S22, F21, S21, F20, S20, F19, S19, and F18.