2019-08-24: Six WS-DL Classes Offered for Fall 2019


A record six WS-DL courses are offered for Fall 2019:
I am on research leave for Fall 2019 and will not be teaching.

Dr. Brunelle's CS 891 is especially suitable for incoming graduate students that would like an introduction on how to read research papers and give presentations.

If you're interested in these classes, you need to take them this semester.  Although subject to change, a likely offering of WS-DL classes for Spring 2020 is:
  • CS 395 Research Methods in Data and Web Science, Dr. Michael L. Nelson
  • CS 480/580 Introduction to AI, Dr. Vikas Ashok
  • CS 495/595 Introduction to Data Mining, Dr. Sampath Jayarathna
  • CS 800 Research Methods, Dr. Michele C. Weigle
Dr. Wu has a course buyout and will be not be teaching in Spring 2020.