2020-08-25: Seven WS-DL classes offered for Fall 2020


A record seven courses from the Web Science and Digital Libraries (WS-DL) Group will be offered in Fall 2020.  Because of Covid-19, most of these classes will either be completely on-line or offered in a hybrid on-line / f2f option.  Check with the instructor to verify how the class will be conducted.
In addition to the WS-DL courses listed above, Dr. Weigle will also be teaching CS 312 Internet Concepts and Dr. Jayarathna will also be teaching CS 450/550 Database ConceptsDr. Poursardar will be teaching CS 150 & CS 250.

The Spring 2021 semester is still undecided, but the following courses are likely:
  • CS 432/532 Web Science, Dr. Michele C. Weigle
  • CS 480/580 Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Vikas Ashok
  • CS 495/595 Web Security, Dr. Michael L. Nelson
  • CS 725/825 Info Vis, Dr. Michele C. Weigle
  • CS 734/834 Information Retrieval, Dr. Jian Wu
  • CS 795/895 Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Dr. Sampath Jayarathna
Previous course offerings: S20, F19, S19, and F18.