2023-05-29: 2023 WS-DL Research Expo

On May 8, 2023, we held our third annual WS-DL Research Expo.  We stuck with the same format as the prior two years (2022 & 2021): one student from each professor giving a short overview of their research.  Links to all the materials are gathered in the GitHub repo, but here again is the list of students and their presentations:

We were fortunate enough to welcome back some of our alumni, including: Justin Brunelle (PhD, 2016), Shawn Jones (PhD, 2021), Mat Kelly (PhD, 2019), Sawood Alam (2020). We really appreciate the ongoing relationship we have with our alumni, and all are welcome at this and similar future events.    

If you were unable to attend, we recorded the students' presentations and include them below.  

Some of the tweets regarding the expo: