2021-04-24: 2021 WS-DL Research Expo

On April 14, the Web Science and Digital Libraries (WS-DL) Research Group held our 2021 Research Expo.  The occasion was that we had two students who needed to give their MS project presentations, which we would have normally just handled internal within the department.  But since everything is on Zoom now anyway, we decided to allow the other professors in the group nominate one of their students to give a short research update.  All the materials (slides, software, data, etc.) are linked from the GitHub repo for the Research Expo, but the five presentations were:

We were fortunate enough to welcome many of our PhD alumni, including: Frank McCown (2007),Martin Klein (2011), Ahmed AlSum (2014), Hany SalahEldeen (2015), Justin F. Brunelle (2016), Yasmin AlNoamany (2016), Mat Kelly (2019), Mohamed Aturban (2020), and Sawood Alam (2020).

If you were unable to attend, we recorded the presentations and the discussion afterwards.  


We also had two students live tweet the event (click through for threads):

We also used the Research Expo as a chance to unveil our new WS-DL home page:  https://oduwsdl.github.io/ -- let us know what you think!

We anticipate the next academic year being back to normal and having in-person meetings, but hopefully we'll have the chance to make these on-line Research Expos an annual event.  Thanks to all who presented and attended.