2022-01-05: #WebArchiveWednesday Tweets from @WebSciDL in 2021

Last year I collected all the #WebArchiveWednesday tweets that the Web Science and Digital Libraries Group (@WebSciDL) tweeted in 2020, so I decided to do it again this year.  @TroveAustralia started the hashtag in 2019, then it was later adopted by the IIPC for World Digital Preservation Day 2019, and since then the IIPC has been the driving force behind #WebArchiveWednesday

Below I provide an edited list of the #WebArchiveWednesday tweets from 2021 that were about our group, from our group, or retweeted by members of our group.  Many are announcing our own papers, software releases, trip reports, defenses, blog posts, and other contributions.  However, I've made an effort to highlight the work of others as well as provide topical commentary.  In a perfect world, many of my Twitter threads should be converted into blog posts, but finding time to do that has been difficult.  This list should be taken simply as a weekly selection of whatever caught our eye on or near most Wednesdays.  

In collecting the tweets, I've maintained chronological order, eliminated near-duplicates/repeats, included tweets that used incorrect hashtags, etc.  Some are single tweets and some are lengthy threads, but only a single tweet per thread is embedded here. Most of the time, only the primary tweet is embedded, not necessarily parent tweet or the reply or QT that brought it into #WebArchiveWednesday.   I compiled the list by hand, so errors and omissions are likely.  Please let me know if I've missed something.

Looking forward to more #WebArchiveWednesdays in 2022!