2020-12-29: #WebArchiveWednesday Tweets from @WebSciDL in 2020

#WebArchiveWednesday began in 2019, first with @TroveAustralia promoting the Australian Web Archive, and then later adopted by the IIPC for World Digital Preservation Day 2019.  The IIPC generated some momentum for establishing it as a weekly hashtag, and one that the we in the Web Science and Digital Libraries Group (@WebSciDL) have a pretty good record of regularly participating in, starting in about March.  Toward the end of the calendar year, it occurred to me that a year's worth of #WebArchiveWednesday has made for an engaging reading list.  

Below I provide an edited list of the #WebArchiveWednesday tweets from or about our group during 2020.  Many are announcing our own software releases, trip reports, defenses, blog posts, and other contributions, but I also made an effort to provide commentary about the web archiving work of others as well.  This list should not be taken as definitive, but rather as an almost weekly selection of whatever caught our eye on (or near) Wednesdays.  

In collecting the tweets, I've maintained chronological order, eliminated near-duplicates/repeats, included tweets that used incorrect hashtags, and fixed one notable omission.  Some are single tweets and some are lengthy threads, but only a single tweet per thread is embedded here.  I compiled the list by hand, so assume there are errors and omissions.


Here's to more #WebArchiveWednesday in 2021.