2021-11-03: WS-DL Celebration of #InternetArchive25

source: anniversary.archive.org

The Internet Archive celebrated its 25th anniversary two weeks ago (#InternetArchive25).  IA began in late 1996, although its web archive, the Wayback Machine, was not publicly released until 2001.  While there is a lot more to the IA than just the Wayback Machine, our research group's celebration was primarily about web archives, with the 9/11 TV news archive and Flash games collection also appearing.  

We asked the members of the Web Science and Digital Libraries Group (WSDL) to reflect about the personal impact of web archiving on their lives.  This deviates from our regular posts of technical analysis and commentary, though a bit of that sneaks in (we can't help ourselves), and is instead about web archives applied to areas of personal interests and stories.  We also did this five years ago for IA's 20th anniversary celebration, in the before times, when celebrations were in person and not primarily online.  WS-DL members blogged about the following memories aided by the Internet Archive:

While not strictly a personal story about web archiving, we chose the anniversary celebration to announce "Not Your Parents’ Web: Scope, Segmentation, Stability, Resilience, and Persistence", a Filecoin Foundation funded research project between the Internet Archive, Protocol Labs, and Old Dominion University to revisit the question “how long does a web page last?”  

We'd like to thank everyone at the Internet Archive for 25 years of extraordinary effort and innovation. We'd also like to thank the many other web archives that are now available, as well as the WS-DL members who took the time to provide their personal stories involving the web and web archiving.

You can (re)watch the livestream of the event via the video included below, and visit #InternetArchive25 and anniversary.archive.org for even more information.