2016-11-21: WS-DL Celebration of #IA20

The Web Science & Digital Library Research Group celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Internet Archive with tacos, DJ Spooky CDs, and a series of tweets & blog posts about the cultural impact and importance of web archiving.  This was in solidarity with the Internet Archive's gala which featured taco trucks and a lecture & commissioned piece by Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky). 

Normally our group posts about research developments and technical analysis of web archiving, but for #IA20 we had members of our group write mostly non-technical stories drawn from personal experiences and interests that are made possible by web archiving.  We are often asked "Why archive the web?" and we hope these blog posts will help provide you with some answers.
We've collected these links and more material related to #IA20 in both a Storify story and a Twitter moment; we hope you can take the time to explore them further.  We'd like to thank everyone at the Internet Archive for 20 years of yeoman's work, the many other archives that have come on-line more recently, and all of the WS-DL members who made the time to provide their personal stories about the impacts and opportunities of web archiving.