Monday, July 27, 2015

2015-07-27: Upcoming Colloquium, Visit from Herbert Van de Sompel

On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 Herbert Van de Sompel (Los Alamos National Laboratory) will give a colloquium in the ODU Computer Science Department entitled "A Perspective on Archiving the Scholarly Web".  It will be held in the third floor E&CS conference room (r. 3316) at 11am.  Space is somewhat limited (the first floor auditorium is being renovated), but all are welcome to attend.  The abstract for his talk is:

 A Perspective on Archiving the Scholarly Web
As the scholarly communication system evolves to become natively web-based and starts supporting the communication of a wide variety of objects, the manner in which its essential functions -- registration, certification, awareness, archiving -- are fulfilled co-evolves.  Illustrations of the changing implementation of these functions will be used to arrive at a high-level characterization of a future scholarly communication system and of the objects that will be communicated. The focus will then shift to the fulfillment of the archival function for web-native scholarship. Observations regarding the status quo, which largely consists of back-office processes that have their origin in paper-based communication, suggest the need for a change. The outlines of a different archival approach inspired by existing web archiving practices will be explored.
This presentation will be an evolution of ideas following his time as a visiting scholar at DANS, in conjunction with Dr. Andrew Treloar (ANDS) (2014-01 & 2014-12). 

Dr. Van de Sompel is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of digital libraries and web preservation, with his contributions including many of the architectural solutions that define the community, including: OpenURL, SFX, OAI-PMH, OAI-ORE, info URI, bX, djatoka, MESUR, aDORe, Memento, Open Annotation, SharedCanvas, ResourceSync, and Hiberlink.

Also during his time at ODU, he will be reviewing the research projects of PhD students in the Web Science and Digital Libraries group as well as exploring new areas for collaboration with us.  This will be Dr. Van de Sompel's first trip to ODU since 2011 when he and Dr. Sanderson served as the external committee members for Martin Klein's PhD dissertation defense.

2015-08-17 Edit:

We recorded the presentation, but this professionally edited version from summer 2014 is better to watch online:

I've also compiled the slides of the seven students (Corren McCoy, Alexander Nwala, Scott Ainsworth, Lulwah Alkwai, Sawood Alam, Justin Brunelle, and Mat Kelly) who gave presentations on the status of their PhD research:


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