Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010-07-06: Travel Report for Hypertext and JCDL 2010

As mentioned earlier I had two papers accepted at HT and JCDL. In June it was time to travel to the conferences and represent the Old Dominion University colors.
HT 2010 took place in Toronto, Canada from June 13th-16th and was hosted by the University of Toronto. The acceptance rate of 37% was slightly higher than last year but the number of registered attendees seemed comparable.
I was glad to be able to give the very first presentation since it secured the probably greatest audience of the entire conference. My slides are available through Slideshare.
The paper itself titled "Is This a Good Title" can be obtained through the ACM Digital Library and its content was covered in my earlier post.
My personal highlight of the conference was the keynote by Andrew Dillon. He argued that research on Hypertext today is shaped too much by the Internet and its (inter-)linked nature. Representing his iSchool he made a point to support cross discipline research and suggested calling for papers in a topic independent track at HT 2011.
My fellow student Chuck also presented his paper and shared a detailed report of the conference in an earlier post.

Random facts:
- HT 2011 will be in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
- a cruise is not a good idea for a conference dinner
- the CN Tower is impressive and dining 1,151ft above the city is a great experience
- it feels good to have now two papers published at a conference where even Tim Berners-Lee's paper got rejected (if you don't know what I am talking about read this book)

Just one day after coming back from Toronto I left for Brisbane, Australia. JCDL 2010 took place from June 21st-25th in Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast south of Brisbane. It was held in conjunction with ICADL which meant you had to chose between three parallel sessions. Presentations early on in a conference are usually good and the audience volume typically diminishes the longer the conference lasts. Hence I again was glad to see my presentation scheduled in the second session overall.
I mentioned the paper (available here) in a previous blog and my slides are also available via Slideshare.
My two personal favorites were again keynote speeches. The first given by Katy Börner from Indiana University. Listing her titles and appointments would take too long (see her web site) but amongst others she is the founder of the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center at IU. She gave an insight into a few of her projects related to data analysis and visualization. It is amazing how information access changes through visualization techniques.
David Rosenthal is the chief scientist of the LOCKSS project. In his keynote he argued for the need of new models and approaches of preservation focused on the dynamic and service aspects of the Internet. In his opinion the "old copy-and-re-publish model" works for collecting and preserving static content but not for the web of services. Publication and preservation need to be re-defined to keep up with the transition towards services. The entire keynote is available here.

Random facts:
- JCDL 2011 will be in Ottawa, Canada
- the Australian Outback Spectacular is neither spectacular nor at all suitable for a conference dinner
- US Airways has a hard time distinguishing between the airports in Sydney (SYD) and Syracuse, NY (SYR) and may send your luggage to either one
- the Gold Coast winter is very pleasant and "Surfers Paradise" is not exaggerated

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  1. There's a good reason Berners-Lee's paper got rejected... we know that idea never went anywhere.

    Glad you had a good time!