2022-09-02: David Calano (Computer Science PhD Student)

Hi, my name is David Calano and I am joining the Web Sciences and Digital Libraries Research Group at Old Dominion University in Fall 2022. I received my bachelors degree in Computer Science from ODU in 2017 while working in the CS Systems Group and the Tidewater Community College Math Lab. I have been in Arizona teaching Computer Science and Engineering to K-8 students for the past several years and returning to begin my PhD journey here at my alma mater under the supervision of Dr. Nelson. I am interested in information visualization and knowledge representation, data archiving, Web 3.0 (not Web3), education, and technology for social good. Outside of computers I love playing D&D, backpacking, camping, and the outdoors, punk rock, and my cat Poptart!

McAfee Knobb, Virginia

Henry Rollins wants to know if you have time to discuss web archiving

My first two PhD courses CS 532: Web Science and CS 895: Web Archiving Forensics mark a great starting point to dive into the past and present web. I am excited for what this first semester brings and to peel back more and more in the semesters to come. My first project with the WS-DL lab is working on Memento Damage as part of the CoSAI project with Dr. Klein, Dr. Nelson, and Dr. Weigle.

Technology and the Web have been dramatic influences in my life and it is a thrilling opportunity to be helping the WS-DL lab in undertaking critical work studying, archiving, and preserving the Web and give back to such a deeply important piece of all our lives.

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- David