2019-12-31: Muntabir Hasan Choudhury (Computer Science PhD Student)

My name is Muntabir Hasan Choudhury. I am an international student from Bangladesh. I joined the WS-DL (Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group) at Old Dominion University as a PhD student in the Fall of 2019 under the direct supervision of Dr. Jian Wu. My current research involves text mining on non-born digital Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs), in collaboration with Dr. Fox and Bill Ingram at Virginia Tech Computer Science. My research interests include, but are not limited to, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning.

I was always an enthusiast about science, technology, and innovation. Because of curiosity regarding computing, computer architecture, robotics, and artificial intelligence, I decided to study Computer Engineering at college. In May 2018, I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Elizabethtown College, PA.

While studying at Elizabethtown College, I was energized by the study of Big Data and its vast application in industry. This interest drove me to work as a database assistant in college, allowing me to conduct undergraduate research on Relationship Building in Higher Education, which focused on data analytics.  The objective was to optimize the relational data from the college database and analyze it to predict the variable to understand the resources of philanthropy through various programs. I ran SQL using Info-Maker to create a sample datasheet which consists of thousands of companies. Later, I imported the data in Microsoft Excel to update and modify inconsistent and incomplete data in Jenzabar. After identifying the duplicates and sorting out the useful data, I created a final datasheet where I had a fair amount of companies' and organizations' data to work with. Lastly, using R and SPSS tools, I used Multiple Linear Regression and Backward Elimination to process the unsupervised data to get a predicted variable.

I did a junior and a senior year group project. My junior year project was Automated Agriculture Simulations and Real-Time Control over the Internet, including correlation to Weather Data. The goal was to implement an automated 
watering system using a Hummbox (a sensor) provided by a client in France, GreenCityZen. I worked on improving the algorithm and model for Hummbox and coded a Raspberry Pi using Python for opening a valve. My senior year project was implementing a cost-effective Basketball Training Machine. We built a mobile application using MIT App Inventor— a cloud-based tool to create any mobile application. Our application takes the GPS coordinates to track the location of the player. I assembled and tested electrical components. Also, I partially worked on coding using C-programming for feeding GPS input to the Android application.

Automated Agriculture Simulations and Watering Systems

Basketball Training Machine Electrical Component Assembly
Prior to joining WS-DL, I worked at Resource9 Group, Inc.— a New York-based start-up, as a Junior Application Performance Engineer. At Resource9, I helped clients by monitoring the performance of the web and mobile applications using cloud-based monitoring tools called AppDynamics and Moogsoft AI-Ops. My experience working with the IT operations team helped me to enhance my skills in computer networking, automation, and cloud computing. I have used multiple technologies and programming languages throughout my career. I am proficient in scripting and coding in C, Python, PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, XML, and also have expertise on Docker (intermediate), AWS (EC2, Fargate, S3), AppDynamics (APM tool), and Linux. 

Upon joining WS-DL at ODU, I went to three computer science talks and attended one colloquium organized by the Department of Computer Science. Moreover, the most eye-catching event organized by the Computer Science Department was Trick-or-Research on the day of Halloween. WS-DL participated in this event, and we cordially welcomed all graduate and undergraduate students to our lab and explained our research work while giving out candies. Dr. Jian Wu and I demonstrated our current research project to the students.
WS-DL is a great place to work. We share our thoughts, provide feedback to other's work, and diligently get things done on time. I am delighted to be a part of this research group, and I am excited to announce that I will be working as a full-time Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) from Spring, 2020.

--Muntabir Choudhury