2014-01-06: Review of WS-DL's 2013

The Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group had a really good year in 2013.  There was a burst of student progress in 2012 and there will likely be more in 2014, but in 2013:
  • Mat Kelly passed his breadth exam
  • Sawood Alam finished his MS thesis, entered the PhD program, and passed the breadth exam
We (along with many co-authors at other institutions) were involved with 22 publications, including new venues for our group as well as very strong showings at traditional ones such as JCDL (pictured above) and TPDL:
Two of the papers received recognition: Scott Ainsworth's paper "Evaluating sliding and sticky target policies by measuring temporal drift in acyclic walks through a web archive" was one of three nominees for Best Student Paper at JCDL, and Yasmin Anwar's paper "Who and What Links to the Internet Archive" won Best Student Paper at TPDL.  Congratulations to Scott and Yasmin, who are the first from our group to receive these honors.

In addition to the conference paper presentations, we presented at a number of conferences that do not have formal proceedings:
We also released (or updated) a number of software packages for public use:
Our research activities continued to enjoy a lot of coverage in the popular press.  Some of the highlights include:
Getting external funding is increasingly difficult, but we did manage two small new grants this year:
  • M. C. Weigle (PI), M. L. Nelson, "Archive What I Can See Now", NEH, $57,892
  • M. L. Nelson, "Enhanced Memento Support for MediaWiki", Andrew Mellon Foundation, $25,000
Lastly, we're awfully excited and proud about these upcoming student opportunities:
Thanks to all that made 2013 a great success for WS-DL!  We're looking forward to an even better 2014.


2014-01-09 Edit:

Ahmed AlSum was the winner of the 2013 WS-DL lunch pail award (inspired by Bud Foster's "lunch pail defense"), awarded at yesterday's luncheon.  Previous winners of the lunch pail include Martin Klein and Matthias Prellwitz.