Friday, December 13, 2013

2013-12-13: Hiberlink Presentation at CNI Fall 2013

Herbert and Martin attended the recent Fall 2013 CNI meeting in Washington DC, where they gave an update about the Hiberlink Project (joint with the University of Edinburgh), which is about preserving the referential integrity of the scholarly record. In other words, we link to the general web in our technical publications (and not just other scholarly material) and of course the links rot over time.  But the scholarly publication environment does give us several hooks to help us access web archives to uncover the correct material. 

As always, there are many slides but they are worth the time to study them.  Of particular importance are slides 8--18, which helps differentiate Hiberlink from other projects, and slides 66-99 which walk through a demonstration of the "Missing Link" concepts (along with the Memento for Chrome extension) can be used to address the problem of link rot.  In particular, absent specific versiondate attributes on a link, such as:

<a versiondate="some-date-value" href="...">

A temporal context can be inferred from the "datePublished" META value defined by

<META itemprop="datePublished" content="some-ISO-8601-date-value">

Again, the slides are well-worth your time.


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