Monday, December 17, 2012

2012-12-17: Archive-It Partners Meeting

I attended the 2012 Archive-It Partners Meeting in Annapolis, MD on December 3.

I decided to attend at the last minute, and Kristine and Lori graciously let me have 5 minutes to talk about our project and upcoming NEH proposal.  We're looking for humanities-types and Archive-It partners to work with in evaluating our visualizations. After my presentation, I was able to make contacts with several potential partners.

Visualizing Digital Collections at Archive-It from Michele Weigle

There were several nice talks in the half-day session.  The full schedule and slides from all of the presentations are available.

Related to what we're working on, Alex Thurman from Columbia University Libraries talked about their local portal to their Human Rights collection (collection at Archive-It).  They offer a rotated list of screenshots for featured sites and have tabs to show the collection pages by title, URL, subject, place, and language. One nice feature they've added is the ability to collect and group different URLs that point to the same site (i.e., handling URL changes over time). They're currently in the user testing phase.

Students from Virginia Tech's Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network (list of collections at Archive-It) presented their work on archiving web pages related to disasters and visualizing tweets related to disasters.  Their recent Hurricane Sandy collection contains 8 million tweets.  For their Archive-It collection, they extracted seed URIs from tweets, Google news, popular news/weather portals, and direct user input.  A big problem was the addition of spam links into the archive.  The tweet visualization project looks at classifying tweets into four different phases of a disaster (response, recovery, mitigation, and preparedness).  From this, they produced a several views, including a ThemeRiver/Streamgraph type view, social network view, a map, and a table of tweets.


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