2011-12-14: CS 495/595 Web Server Development for Spring 2012

The only WS-DL related class that will be offered in spring 2012 is CS 495/595 "Web Server Development". I had planned to offer CS 751/851 "Introduction to Digital Libraries, but I've taught that the last two springs and it has been a while since I've taught the web server development class (the last offering was actually from Martin Klein in spring 2010).

The premise of this course is that the best way to really get to know HTTP is to build a fully-functional web server from scratch in the language of your choice. That sounds simple enough, but it becomes quite challenging, in part because if you do a poor job at design at the beginning you have to live with the consequences the entire semester. On the other hand, do a good job up front and each assignment will just drop into place (hello, software design). Along the way, you'll also become quite familiar with reading RFCs and the REST architectural model.

Take a look at past offerings of the class for an idea of what the structure will be. The CRNs are 35757 (CS 495) and 35758 (CS 595). The class will be on Tuesdays, 4:20 -- 7:00 pm in r. 2120.


2012-01-09 edit: The class homepage is now available.